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PS4 on OGo - Here how I currently do it.

daveniezbydaveniezby Posts: 5
Since there is no current way to remote play on your OGo, you have to double the work BUT I have been able to play my PS4 on a nice Home Theater Room via Virtual Desktop.  
What you WILL need is a good computer. I did this with my Surface Pro 3 and it worked wonderfully.  I could only imagine the improvements with a gaming computer as my remote. 

Setting it all up:
 - On the PS4 simply navigate toe SETTINGS > REMOTE PLAY >Select the checkbox to turn it on.  That's it. PS4 is done. Now, move to your computer. 
- On your computer - (which will host both PS4 remote play and Virtual Desktop ) Download the appropriate installer from here
Once it's installed, you can grab your PS4 remote with a USB cable and now you can play on your computer to your heart's desire. 
Once that is up and running successfully, you'll need to install the PC side of Virtual Desktop from here
 - On your OGo - The FINAL step is to go to the OGo Shop and get a copy of Virtual Desktop

That's everything.  Now, using your headset for sound - at least on my set up is really quiet for some reason. However, if I go with OGo's built-in speakers it's plenty loud. My current (Turtle Beach) headset doesn't seem to recognize the mic for this setup either BUT does outside of this system.  

Last note...You DO NOT need to connect a PS4 controller to the OGo. Mine was connected to my computer.  I have NOT tried using it as a gamepad connected directly to my OGo.  Maybe another time. 
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