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My sensor recognizes usb3.0 port as 2.0

ZosynZosyn Posts: 1
Hi guys,

When I initially installed sensors one of them were connected as 3.0 but now it says both were connected to 2.0?
However, my system shows that both are connected to USB 3.0. Is it some kinda glitch?
I do not use any usb extension. Thank you.


  • Lunchbox7985Lunchbox7985 Posts: 5
    i have had my sensors randomly show as 2.0 twice. i simply unplugged them and plugged them back in (may have had to restart in there too) and they went back to 3.0, this was all in the rift interface so i cant say if windows still showed 3.0 like yours does or if it would have said 2.0 there as well. my problem was the firmware on the pci usb3.0 card they are plugged into. device manager showed that i had a driver issue when they showed as 2.0 devices, but once i got the firmware of that card updated, the "driver issue" went away and they always show as 3.0 now.

    i hope that gives you at least a couple places to look, good luck
  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 696
    I've never had any problems with either of my 2x sensors or Rift headset not reporting usb 3.0 during setup but occasionally when I check devices in Oculus desktop app it says my Rift is connected to usb 2.0 but sensors are always 3.0.  My win10 settings say that they are all on usb 3.0.  I can correct the Oculus App device setting by unplugging my headset usb and plugging it in again.  Then it will report usb 3.0 on the Oculus App Device tab.  To be honest I have never noticed any performance or quality differences by doing this.  I'm not sure but I kinda think it may be being reported incorrectly from the Oculus desktop app and my solution for now is to stop checking this connection unless I have any problems.
    Alienware 17r4 Laptop with i7-7700hq 2.8/3.6, 32 gb ram, gtx1060 w/6gb ram, 256gb ssd, 1tb hdd, Oculus Rift w/2x sensors.  Now using an Alienware Graphics Amplifier (AGA) with Zotac gtx1080ti Blower and Asus vg248qe 144hz external monitor.  All works great!
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