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Our virtual Home and custom elements.

RudalplRudalpl Posts: 38
Brain Burst
So, I started to decorate my new home. I've put some pictures on the wall and so on and then I started to try to add a more personal touch to it.
I worked out that if you create objects in Paint 3D then those can be saved as .glb files and loaded into Oculus Home.
It went easy with the pictures. (I've got brilliant Cyberpunk 2077 poster on the wall :D )
Obviously the next step was to add some proper 3D models. As I am not very good at modelling I went on Sketchfab website and found something what would match my Cyberpunk home perfectly - Motoko Kusanagi and as expected it didn't work as intended.
The model loaded perfectly but is massive!!! Back to Paint 3D then... Trial and error and I finally managed to scale it to the acceptable size but... I have like 20 of different size models of Motoko in my library now. How do I delete them? I only need two maybe three, but not 20!!
I deleted the files from Import folder but they still show up and I can still use them. I even created new Home to see if it still persists and yes they do. Do I have to delete it somewhere else as well?

...And, how can I delete a "new home" that I created for testing?



  • pierre.jette.62pierre.jette.62 Posts: 12
    Deleting a "home"
    1- go in that home.
    2- menu -> preferences -> delete home (which only empties that very home of everything inside it)
    3- go into another "home"
    4- [sorry, my Oculus Software is in French] select "Lieux" in the menu ( « Sites » ? In English?), point the controller to te home you want to delete, press the B button (right hand, topmost button besides the Joystick), point to the three dots at the right, select "Supprimer" (Delete) b
    5- the "home" no longer appears in your list.

    Maybe it is not mandatory to empty the home first, but otherwise it does not work for me.
  • RudalplRudalpl Posts: 38
    Brain Burst
    Thanks Pierre  :)
    edited January 16
    Same problem here,
    I also want to know how to delete  imported inventory objects. I made a mistake putting an entire library of objects into my oculus home folder so every time I open inventory imported objects there is a huge load on the system making everything slow. And deleting in inventory has no effect as if the delete button had no funtion at all.

    Also some objects are so big, if I place them the hole home gets messed up, stuff flying around ect.
    Objects which are too big for Oculus Home have a red exclamation mark and no delete button.

  • RudalplRudalpl Posts: 38
    Brain Burst
    I managed to delete some of the items but some of them are still there regardless...
  • pierre.jette.62pierre.jette.62 Posts: 12
    Be patient. Ad be sure that the objects are not used anywhere. I did not check that, but maybe "unsharing" (making private) all of your "home"s, just to be sure the objects are not in the "cache" of another user.
    I did all (except unsharing) the tricks, and it took 1-2 weeks then all of a sudden, I was able to delete at will.
  • RudalplRudalpl Posts: 38
    Brain Burst
    I only have one home and it's private, I deleted the rest.
  • WebMetalReeseWebMetalReese Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    edited February 7
    There are two steps to getting rid of customs objects in your home. The first step is to actually go into home and open your my imports and you'll see the objects that have a white background and a clear background. The ones with the clear backgrounds are safe and you can delete the file. The ones with the white background are "uploaded" to their server/cloud and you must click on each item and select "remove upload" once that is done the background will be clear and you can then delete the file. 

    EDIT: Also be sure to NOT have the items in your home. The best way is to "clear home" before you do any of this. 
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