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Newbie questions!

JwstoJwsto Posts: 1
Hi! I recently got my rift + touch. I have some questions to more experienced users.

1. Is there a way to benchmark games? I played Arizona sunshine and the only way I managed to test the settings was to load into game and exit back to menu and keep trying... this takes forever and it's not fun at all.

2. Can I play VR-games that don't have rift support?

3. Any suggestions on how to last longer in games that you're supposed to play standing up? I'm heavily overweight and have quite bad knees and back so I've been wondering if something like a bar stool would work well with vr? So I could sit/lean on it at times.

4. Do I get more out of VR if I overclock my gtx 970?

5. Sensors. I'd like to hear if people think it's a good idea to get 3rd sensor. Also can I bolt my sensors to ceiling/wall?

Thanks for any answers in advance! :)


  • OmegaM4NOmegaM4N Posts: 304
    edited January 10
    GTX970 is fine for vr, just keep settings on medium and you will good for almost everything, i personally would not really bother oc your 970, more hassle for what you will gain from it.

    I have two sensors up on the ceiling pointing down as at 45o angle from each other, and it works great, i don't really need a 3rd to be honest, BUT, if i got was offered one really cheap i would take it, BUT, i don't really need one. ;)

    A simple chair with no back should be fine, so yeah a stool would work ok, just don't have it standing in your way while your in VR until you need it. lol

    But if you feel that your pc is at times struggling with some games, download the oculus tool, this will allow you to cap games to 45fps and smooth out your overal gameplay for games that are showing signs of struggling, it is well worth a look, i use it for some steamVR games which are complete pigs performence wise when playing with the rift.

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