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side load VR360 content resolution, codec, bitrates and structure (cubemap, equirectangular, etc)

mkrjfmkrjf Posts: 2 Oculus Start Member
So far the only docs I can find related to side load formats is this:
It seems dated and does not have sufficient (or even correct information).
It seem 5.7K H.264 40Mbps is maximum that can be side loaded and viewed - but is that a fact? What about h.265 (sometimes works at 20Mbps, sometimes locks up headset) Stereo versus Mono?
And a lot of content is now encoded in google and youtube alternate formats - several variations of EAC / cube mapping. These can be sideloaded but will not play.
There also seem to be no conversion utilities if all that is supported is simple equirectangular, over under for stereo
Can someone share a best standards doc for side loaded video (and video playback in general streamed or from local headset storage)?

Have asked support but always get same answer - hunt in forums ;)
And is there a reason the players can't auto scale larger resolutions to max supported by player? That always has to be manually done and baked into the content so different versions for every headset?
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