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Think i broke my headset

ShallowstreamShallowstream Posts: 1
edited January 11 in Support
i was enjoying some beatsaber, during it i accidentally hit the headset with my left hand and the headset turned dark and is not detected anymore in oculus software.

i checked the cables and they have not become unplugged, the LED in middle of headset only shows an orange light instead of white. is there anything i could try to do to fix it?

ahhh, a simple restart of my PC fixed the issue, weird, thought unplug and replugg would have done the trick... oh well, im happy it works again. phew


  • SkScotcheggSkScotchegg Posts: 753
    Good job mate, yeah normally restarting the PC can fix many issues.

    If you run into issues in the future with tracking or graphics/fps etc just do a search on the forums as many people have already posted.

    Also keep your graphic drivers upto date.

    Recommended games for you - Robo Recall, Superhot, Lone Echo, Wilson's Heart and In Death.
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