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Am I getting massively unlucky with HDMI extension cables or is there something I am missing?

NWCtimNWCtim Posts: 3
edited January 11 in Support
So I got a "High-Speed" HDMI extension cable from Amazon and when I try to use it with my Rift, the visuals cut in and out, or flicker in different colors.  I went to my local PC parts store to get another HDMI "2.0" extension cable and get absolutely no picture when I use it.  With either cable the Oculus devices tab seems to recognize when the headset is connected and when it isn't, but the visuals never work right.  The headset works just fine when plugged directly into my computer.

Are there different grades/types of HDMI cable and I need a certain type, or did I just manage to get two bad cables in a row?


  • morsifymorsify Posts: 7
    edited January 12
    The one I bought for my headset is just a 2m extension to bring the plug round the front of the pc. I bought a UGREEN 10142 2 m HDMI – HDMI Cable (2 m, HDMI Type A (Standard), HDMI Type A (Standard), 3d, 10.2 Gbit/s, Black) for £7.99 from Amazon, and it works fine. But I haven't tried anything longer. (I use this in conjunction with a 2metre UGREEN 10373 USB Extension Lead Extender Cable for Oculus Rift).
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