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Oculus Go won't provide codes for two-factor authentication

SybilishereSybilishere Posts: 4
edited January 2019 in Support


  • ByBarnByBarn Posts: 1
    Same here for me.  Trying to set up two factor authentication on Oculus.  Added phone number to get text message, but never receive the verification.
  • LeewamoLeewamo Posts: 1
    Same here
  • Do_not_bother_meDo_not_bother_me Posts: 2
    I've been chasing the identical problem for the past couple of weeks.  Oculus tech support couldn't provide an answer and foisted me off on Verizon tech support, who have verified that there is nothing wrong with my cell and SMS service.  The problem is now squarely back in Oculus' lap.  Does anybody have any further updates before I phone in and try to raise hell tomorrow?
  • trek554trek554 Posts: 99
    Hiro Protagonist
    so this is still an issue. I am not surprised with how half assed this company is run. 
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