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Oculus Go wont complete download of large apps. If it sleeps too long it stops the download.

baydar62baydar62 Posts: 3
I have a slow internet relative to some. I get about  8 to 12 Mbps. If I download a large file I have to keep my headset on. But some are 3GB and it takes from 45 min to over an hour. I don’t want to just sit there waiting. So if I remove the headset, it sleeps and if I wait too long it stops downloading. Is there a way to prevent the headset from sleeping when I remix it? Or is there another setting so I can download the large files that take a long time to download.


  • baydar62baydar62 Posts: 3
    edited January 2019
    UPDATE: In case someone wants to reply to my post I am updating my findings. I read another comment somewhere that said slow internet can cause this problem. I live in the country. My provider has towers that require line of site for a good connection. At best I get 12 Mbps. But often there are interruptions. After using my Oculus Go for over a week, I’ve found that it sometimes downloads fine even when I take it off. It’s an intermittent issue so, I believe the issue is my Internet connection. 
  • judyvmjudyvm Posts: 1
    would also like to know if there is a way of avoiding Oculus Go from sleeping while downloading large file
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