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Controller connection problems with Samsung Gear VR

King-555King-555 Posts: 10
When I use my Gear VR (SM-R324) after I did not use it for a while (some hours), the controller does not connect. I press the home button for a while as described in the manual. The LEDs flash forever, but there is no connection. Even if I try this several times. I manually have to disconnect the controller in the Bluetooth settings of Android and then reconnect it. Which results in having to calibrate it again, a search for firmware updates and I have to set the used hand for it again. This always takes a lot of time. And when I do not quickly put on the headset, the connection is lost again as soon as the controller goes into energy saving mode.

Is this the usual behaviour of the controller? I guess not. It should reconnect automatically every time I press the home button, right? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Best Answer

  • King-555King-555 Posts: 10
    Accepted Answer
    I solved it by myself. The problem was that I tried to reconnect the controller everytime. But this is just not necessary! You only have to press any button once and wait a few seconds, then the controller can be used again.
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