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ERROR: An APK with this package name and version code already exists. (Oculus Platform Command Line

TAGvideoTAGvideo Posts: 2
I keep getting this issue no matter what I do. I have updated everything OVR, Oculus, Android SDK, Java, Changed version and bundle version. I never had to worry about it because I would upload via the webpage but oculus wont allow files larger than 300Mb to be uploaded via there. 

Using Unity
Any thoughts?


  • ArcadiaLicenseArcadiaLicense Posts: 1
    edited February 2019
    Hi there, had the same problem and no clue of what was going wrong.
    Solved building a new Apk and Obb file with different package name compared to the previous one and giving the same value to Version and Bundle Version code (e.g. Version 12 and Bundle Version code 12).
    Then I uploaded files via Oculus Command Line in the Beta channel.
  • veecampusveecampus Posts: 2
    can you say how to open command line utiliy? when i use commandline apk is not regognized? what is the reason ?
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