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My last year of work using Medium

MetronsMetrons Posts: 48
Brain Burst
edited January 2019 in Oculus Medium
Hi gang, huge fan of Medium and this community. I always wanted to post work here but never had the time. Now that i've just updated my portfolio, i wanted to share what i've been doing in Medium for the last year.

The first 6 characters in my portfolio were all made using mostly Medium, several are 100% Medium. 

I had been using medium in my personal work, but i wasn't sure if i could use it for professional work. After a rough first character, i really got a nice workflow going.
Eventually after a few struggles of Medium+Zbrush, i stopped using Zbrush. I do 99% of my sculpting in medium now and i'm SO grateful for this tool and the updates!
Hope anyone who views this enjoys. 



  • saami81saami81 Posts: 170
    Simply awesome.
  • P3nT4gR4mP3nT4gR4m Posts: 1,713 Valuable Player
  • Mr_NaturalMr_Natural Posts: 8
    Damn, Your stuff is really good, I love the 'skitterling!'
  • MgonoMgono Posts: 1
    Hello Metrons,

    maybe you could share which tools you used for textures / colors and the final rendering? Would be very appreciated!
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