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Help with Oculus Rift

 am asking for help is because I found out a couple days ago my aunt's brain cancer has returned and she only has a couple weeks to live if not less than that. My mom informed me that all she wanted to do before she went was to go the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately she is too weak and she is too sick to fly. I did my research the virtual reality systems and there specific computers that work with the system are able to portray actual live, life like images through this system and with the Google earth app it makes it all possible as if she was really there. I'm in college and unfortunately not financial rich to be able to afford the items needed. Which is why I call upon any and everyone help, to help me surprise my aunt and make her last wish come true. I thank you all in advance that can help. 


  • Spalman_ytSpalman_yt Posts: 17
    edited February 14
    It probably won't really help that much but if you won't be able to make your plans come through, you can still use Google Earth VR (the streetview option) and the game "A Fear Of Heights And Other Things". It has one small canyon and one huge mountain view, I believe the game is like a dollar or something, so it's not extremely rich with features, but I guess it is better than nothing.
    You can see the canyon view in this video 
    At 0:10 is the small canyon view.
    At 0:43 is the Mountain Cliff view.
    Wishing the best for you and your family.
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