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Elite Dangerous Update 3.3.02 Won't Update

AlexanderRozhenkoAlexanderRozhenko Posts: 3
Hi there,

Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition doesn't appear to install the latest update so I can't play the game.

So I go into my library to install the latest update for Elite Dangerous - click on the Elite Dangerous game item and a pop-up appears saying "Update Available A new version of Elite Dangerous is available. Would you like to download it now?" As expected. So I click on Update now..."Installing Update..." appears on the ED icon and the starts counting up % to 100% in about 90 seconds. Also as expected.100% sits there for about 15 seconds until its replaced by a 0%. When I check on the "Updates" tab it shows a message "Installing..." but just sits at 0%. When I come back some time later and try to play it goes through the whole above process again...done this about 4 times now.

Anyone know what's going on with this? Elite Dangerous was my reason for buying a Rift and now I can't use it...



  • JD-UKJD-UK Posts: 2,263 Valuable Player
    edited January 19
    Try disabling any anti-malware programs. This has been a much discussed issue in the past.

    btw - welcome to the forums. You might want to search for those discussions if disabling AV doesn't work.

  • FrontierSupportFrontierSupport Posts: 98 Oculus Partner

    I hope you've been able to update the game but if you do keep running into these issues, please make a support ticket here:

    I'd recommend, as pointed out above, making sure all Firewalls/AntiVirus software is disabled, along with trying to disable any other third party software. If the issues persist, please make a ticket! We can help more from there. :)

    - CMDR Zenit
  • Rayne23Rayne23 Posts: 7
    Ive been having the same issues as well, Please let me know if you come across a solution.
  • Rayne23Rayne23 Posts: 7
    I disabled my Firewall/Antivirus Software and still no dice.... Looks like ill be filing a ticket
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 1,452
    Try clicking on the Logo in the Oculus Install Menu. It can hang for a long time and not seem to update. That extra screen seems to show progress. I noticed EA's Origin is exactly the same until you select the game's logo instead. Look for that deeper menu.
  • ThreeDogzThreeDogz Posts: 1
    I had the same issue and had to completely re-install Elite and Oculus Home to get the update to 3.3.02. Now have the same issue again with 3.3.03. What's going on?
  • RattyUKRattyUK Posts: 561
    The update intalled through Oculus software without any issue for me on the last 2 patches, the first update actually did require me clicking the download in the updates section as it was scheduled for some time ahead.  Have you considered sending Frontier Support a request also?
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  • AlexanderRozhenkoAlexanderRozhenko Posts: 3
    Hi folks,

    Apologies, got it working and got too carried away enjoying the game...oops!

    Didn't mean to forget all the help I got.

    Fix for me was to do a complete install of ED...for both the recent updates. It works but would be better if I could just run the update like normal.

  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 3,703 Valuable Player
    i had the same issue.... in the end i uninstalled and reinstalled - however there was something odd there too as despite the software telling me it was uninstalled it clearly wasnt... because when i reinstalled it, it took all of 10 mins to supposedly install the 18gb game. ... unless i got a magic increase in BB speed for those 10 mins ED clearly had not uninstalled when i told it to.

    still, it did then work ok.
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