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Oculus Home 2.0 Broadcast partially broken?

MSvoyagerMSvoyager Posts: 14
edited January 19 in Support
Select a TV or Monitor inside Home, click B or Y on touch controller, choose the broadcast feature. Are you then able to select from several listed programs?
I used to be able select any program running on my PC (Browsers and media players) OR my full desktop.
Since a month, none of the media/ browser programs are listed to select from. I have only the Full Desktop as an option to select from.
Running Win 10 latest build, Intel i7 CPU 16 GB ram, GTX 1080 GPU.
  1. Did a clean reinstall of all drivers and Oculus software
  2. Tried again after reinstalling Windows
  3. Tried on a completely different PC
  4. Tried with and without 2nd monitor
  5. Tried with another user account on a brandnew pc
  6. Tried with and without Beta mode
  7. Tried with and without Window Pullout disabled 
Anyone having this too, or any ideas? Oculus Helpdesk is unable to replicate and has no idea how to fix this.


  • BeadyElBeadyEl Posts: 5
    I'm having this problem too.  >:(
    Hope some kind of help is eventually forthcoming
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