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After new update, right eye in headset stopped working. Only left eye works!

billeheditsbillehedits Posts: 3
I've tried reinstalling the oculus software, unplugging and replugging in the hdmi, I'm not using any adapters or anything, just straight into the gpu. HELP D Left eye is the only one that works.


  • WiberusWiberus Posts: 1
    I'm having exactly the same issue but with the left eye not working. I tried reinstalling everything possible and still only right eye is working. I got replaced my Headset from my retailer and the problem's still there even on the new headset. I've already contacted support and they also want to replace the replacement headset - LOL. They assume that I'm so unlucky that I got two headsets in a row with exactly the same 'harware issue'. 
    I've also noticed that as I restart my PC, the headset won't turn on untill I restart oculus services, than it starts with only right screen working. 
    What is your graphics card by the way? I'm having an Nvidia GTX 980ti.
  • John_Armless_22John_Armless_22 Posts: 1
    Same here.
    After the mandatory driver update, the left "eye"  became extremely bright. A few minutes of troubleshooting later it  stoped working. Support say it's a hardware problem, but don't explain why it showed up just after a software update.
     As I'm out of warranty in a country where a replacement cant be send , guess i will play some pirate simulator until some manufacturer offers worldwide support. By the way, my gpu is a gtx950
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