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Movement without control input

Liquid_ShadowLiquid_Shadow Posts: 11
I searched for similar issues but could not find any. So when I'm in any program, without any input from me, my avatar turns to the left. It does this randomly and not all the way around. Stops when I input right turning input on my right touch controller. I set up my sensors and controls several times and still an issue. Is it a hardware issues, software issue, touch or headset issue? Is there a way to check? I'm past my warranty period so I will probably have to replace if things are broken. :( Thank you in advance.


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 345 Oculus Staff
    edited January 21

    Hey Liquid_Shadow, if you haven't already, try new batteries in your controller. To help rule out software issue, I recommend running a repair on the Oculus software by downloading the setup file from , opening it, and selecting the repair option. Please feel free to create a support ticket so we can look into this for you even if you are out of warranty. -Rick

  • Liquid_ShadowLiquid_Shadow Posts: 11
    Thank you. I will swap out the batteries and see if that will work. Also, I believe it's the right controller and not the software because when I take out the battery my avatar doesn't turn on it's own.
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