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Steam VR crashes when playing Beat Saber and Skyrim VR

genaacegenaace Posts: 5
I recently bought myself an Oculus rift with touch, everything worked well when I first started using it but since I bought a third sensor and extension cords to increase my play area I have had issues with games crashing. I can open Beat saber from Oculus home (I bought the game on Steam) the steam VR software opens up and the game begins. I can stay on the menu screen with no issues, but as soon as I start a song I can only play for about 15-30 seconds before the screen goes black and I get booted out to the oculus home screen. If I am quick and look at my monitor as soon as the screen goes black in the headset, I can see that the game is still going for a few seconds then the beat saber application and Steam VR closes.
I have this same issue with Skyrim but I can play from 5-10 minutes before it crashes.
If I do not use the extension cords I do not have an issues and the games, from Steam VR, do not crash.
But here is the real kicker if I play games directly from the oculus store, with the extension cords, no crash occurs.  
So I don’t know what is causing the crash or how to fix it. At first I thought it was my extension cords but since some games work and others don’t I think it might be an issue with Steam VR. Has anyone had a similar experience with Steam VR games on Oculus?
Steam VR games crash on Oculus Rift and I can not figure out why. Drivers are up to date, nothing is overheating. Head mount display goes dark mid gameplay then I get booted out to oculus home. 


  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,149
    Not those particular games, but Steam VR is quite clunky on the Rift. It's been a while since a game has just crashed, though.

    Does the game still work without the third sensor?
  • genaacegenaace Posts: 5
    I just tried it without the third sensor and had no difference. The game still crashed :(
  • PhoenixSpyderPhoenixSpyder Posts: 221
    Nexus 6
    Try this for running Skyrim VR. It will give you better performance for Skyrim VR than Steam VR. I'm not sure if Beat Saber works with it though.

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  • genaacegenaace Posts: 5
    Ooh this seems to be working. It made Beat Saber work, but now I am having difficulty getting back onto oculus home after closing Beat Saber. After closing Beat Saber I just end up floating in the white gridded space. It’s a little late for me so I will try it out some more tomorrow morning. 
    Thank You!
  • genaacegenaace Posts: 5
    edited January 22
    hmmm now I've got nothing but a black screen in the head mounted display and a notification saying that the dash is no longer working.
  • LitespeedLitespeed Posts: 322
    edited January 22
    Beat Saber has native Oculus support, even if bought from the Steam shop (if I'm not mistaken).
    Why do you play it with Steam VR? Even without crashes the performance would be inferior.

    Just enter "-vrmode oculus" in Steam launch options to make it use the Oculus SDK instead of Steam VR.

    Skyrim VR on the other hand only runs on Steam VR unfortunately.
  • genaacegenaace Posts: 5
    I am still having issues with Skyrim VR, but Beat Saber works well now that I'm using Oculus SDK. I reinstalled the open composite software and can run Beat Saber without Steam VR but still get occasional crashes. Now I am having issues with the HDMI losing conection. All of my drivers are up to date and this happens without notice in all of my games, but is most frustrating in Skyrim because saving every minute really kills the immersion. 

    The only thing I can think of is that the connection cord that was sent with my oculus is faulty, and maybe when it is at a certin angle it loses conection.  
  • travis.riley.5070travis.riley.5070 Posts: 1
    This video is aimed at this problem
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