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Site or page to see upcoming Oculus Events schedule. Not only thru the Events app

Ron_In_ChicagoRon_In_Chicago Posts: 3
I would really like to see a web page to show all upcoming Oculus Events coming up.   Seems like I can only see upcoming events thru the App itself with vr goggles on.  Right now I'm relying on NextVR schedule page when not in vr.   But when an Oculus Event isn't thru NextVR it's very easy to miss.    I almost missed the great 'Lettuce' music event as it was not thru NextVR.   

When I try to search all I get is articles from the past saying a schedule has been announced.   But no web page outside of vr app that I can find.

If there is a better forum for this type of question, please let me know.   Thanks! Ron
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