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Why is my Oculus not working properly?

Maxx.lehrMaxx.lehr Posts: 1
My oculus works fine when booting up, but when I load into my Oculus Home I experience a lot of lag and latency issues. Not only that, but when I start up Steam VR, my Steam home has even more lag And when I open the Oculus menu inside the steam home, I get so much lag that steam crashes. If I start up a game like beat saber, the lag goes away, but then after a while of playing my tracking starts to go haywire. my POV ends up getting really thrown off but my hands are where they should be. After a little while of that, my headset goes black, but the live feed on my monitors stays and I can see the proper game. If this happens then I have to restart my whole computer to get the oculus running. I like to mod my games, so i figured it was probably an invalid plugin, so i when through my files and deleted all the mods I had that were connected to the VR system, but even that didn't work. I don't have any other friends who have stated that they are experiencing anything similar, so I don't know if this is on Oculus' part or not, so i would really appreciate any info someone could throw my way.


  • ArcticuKitsuArcticuKitsu Posts: 17
    First off, what's the specs to your computer? It sounds like your specs aren't high enough. You have to confirm if you see blue banner stating you have a low system requirements when you start the Oculus application. If you don't see the blue banner then disregard what I've noted, just sounds like a low-spec computer to me. 

    My computer struggles to put enough power into VR games when streaming where I tend to get sensor issues of disconnecting, and such. My hands would get stuck in a pose, and then go back. Make sure computer can stay cool, among other basic computer needs.

    Other than that, send a ticket to the Oculus guys. 
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