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Weird stuttering

I have my rift since October 2018 and I always had that problem, but i could somewhat prevent it. But now its permanently doing it. I have a weird stuttering in game EVERY time and i dont know how to get rid of it. Its not like a typical framerate drop or something but like, every screen generates two layers of the exact same of what it should present it. and if i move my head one of these layers behind just weirdly lags behind the other one so its not synced. Its hard to explain. Tomoroow I can record a video of it and post it here. The stutter isnt seen on the virtual mirror so its only in the headset so i guess its an hardware issue. Its ruining the experience to an extent that I dont, and cant use it anymore. Before i send it back to get it fixed, i wanna know if i can somehow fix it. As I said, because its hard to explain the issue, i try to record a video of it tomorrow. 

thanks in advance for any reply


  • BSGamingBSGaming Posts: 2
    Forgot to mention, I have already reinstalled, restarted, pretty much deleted everything that could cause it and it still happens. 
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