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Feature Request: Ability to report inappropriate Oculus Store user reviews

MikeAlgerMikeAlger Posts: 8
edited January 30 in Games and Apps
Current state
Users may mark reviews as "helpful" or report as "spam."

Feature requests 
  • Add a submenu option to additionally report reviews as inappropriate/offensive. 
  • Implement either a review process, or an interface option to hide/show reviews marked as offensive. 
  • If delineation of appropriateness is unclear, create understandable community guidelines

Reviews which may be deemed inappropriate are frequently related to VR content related to political themes or historically underrepresented groups.

Traveling While Black

Anne Frank House

We Wait


  • sford52sford52 Posts: 120
    edited January 29
    @MikeAlger - This is a very good suggestion. I hope you are able to get it adopted.  That troll examples you posted is worthless with respect to rating the game, it just useless noise.
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  • SkScotcheggSkScotchegg Posts: 853
    edited January 31
    Yeah this 100% needs to happen!!! We need to be able to down vote reviews for sure.
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