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Anyone want to sculpt together?

HauntedFollyHauntedFolly Posts: 3
I'm rather new to using this still, and sculpting in general.
I saw the option to share your workspace with another player. Does that mean you can invite someone to join and you can both sculpt together at the same time?
If so, anyone who knows about sculpting on here want to hang out ans sculpt together sometime? I'd love to learn from someone who knows the ropes.


  • HauntedFollyHauntedFolly Posts: 3
    Here are a couple of things I've made so far.

  • DreamShaperDreamShaper Posts: 704
    You can invite a friend.  It's kinda hard to coordinate, probably best to set up a time beforehand.  Anyhow, the feature exists, but unless they've improved it in the last year, it's pretty difficult to work with.  If I remember correctly, you can't work on the same sculpt, and you'll be limited to fairly simple sculpts due to the need to transmit all the data they use.
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