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Where is the Logout Button in the Oculus Rift Desktop App (Windows 10)?

dennsenmanndennsenmann Posts: 2
edited February 3 in Oculus Rift S and Rift

I installed the Oculus App and Logged in with my Work-Account and want to switch to my Personal-Account.
But where the heck is the Log-Out Button???

Some People say there are 3 Dots somewhere in the Social area you can click on. But I can't find it there?

The ony three dots I see are in the Dash-Menu but when I click on that there is no Logout-Option either.

So can somebody please tell my how to switch between accounts? And maybe provide a sreenshot?



  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 987
    Open your Oculus Desktop App

    In the bottom, left side, click on "Friends" ..............

    At the Top, Right corner, click on the 3 dots ..........

    Click on "Sign Out".
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  • dennsenmanndennsenmann Posts: 2
    Thank you Sir! Whoever designed this, deserves a medal...

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