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White light is on, audio works, screen completely black

Bc.PandaBc.Panda Posts: 3
So here am.  I had a defect with a rift headset and 3 weeks later I finally get my refurbished headset. Plug it in and instantly I start having issues.  The audio works, the white light is on and everything but the screen is black. I've just spent the last 2 hours scouring solutions on the internet and trying everything I can.  So far I've found no solutions that have worked.  If any of you knows of anything that might help please let me know, Thanks.

I'm on a 1070 with a i7 6700k


  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,013 Volunteer Moderator
    Light and audio working means the usb connection should be fine. But a black screen could be a hdmi issue.

    The first things I'd try:
    - make sure the hdmi part of the cable is connected to the graphics card hdmi port, not a hdmi port on your motherboard.
    - check if the cable is fully inserted into the headset. The cable can actually be unplugged from the headset, it's hidden under the face padding. It's possible for this to pull partially out. It might have the usb pins just connected, but the hdmi pins have lost contact. Try pushing the plug back in if it isn't flush with the case.

  • Bc.PandaBc.Panda Posts: 3
    I have tried both and sadly neither have worked.  Im using the same setup with my this oculus as my old one which worked and the usb goes directly into the graphics card.  I don't know if this matters but my sensors (2 of them) are running on usb 3.0 and my rift is on a usb 2.0.
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