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No response from support

ibthemerchantibthemerchant Posts: 1
My oculus rift is broken and i contacted them almost a month ago. they have always taken a long time to respond but this time they took even longer almost 10 day. has anybody else experienced this same problem? my issue is yet not solved and no response from them.


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,141
    You say no response, but "this time they took even longer almost 10 day", means you got a response.
    Anyway, back on topic, I've always had reasonable response times, and the problems solved efficiently. I must be the lucky one.
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  • ArcticuKitsuArcticuKitsu Posts: 17
    edited February 5
    They always contacted me back within a day or two time. The only time I gained a lengthy delay in response time was when I tried pushing the customer support guys for a non-tangling Oculus Rift cable being braided, or at least better quality. A couple days later a new customer service representative replied back to me saying to just buy a new cable because the first one was puzzled; Roadblocked by their own guidelines and such. I guess they're forced to say that so I just accepted it because it's currently not an option. That's beside the point, yet just giving you my POV on things. 

    I'm still angry Oculus themselves always brushes me aside with the cable because it's not in their guideline to just give us an option to give us braided or better cables. That's neither here, nor there.....

    They're quite speedy. It's probably the tone of your reply, or the unique complexity which may have caused them to go silent. May want to ask them again making sure everything gets through them.
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