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Robo Recall won't Launch

VangiRaweVangiRawe Posts: 1
When I do a compatability check, it still reports this "X Graphics Card
Your Radeon RX 590 Series graphics card doesn't meet our recommended specification, which is an NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater. Learn more."
Oculus support has told me the card just hasn't been added to their list but it compatible. Thought I'd share if others have the same card and same problem.

When I try to launch Robo Recall, it stays on the home screen and shows the message about the system not meeting requirements which could cause a poor experience or w/e. I have played most of the other games that come with the Rift as well as Beat Sabre. I have the latest graphics drivers from AMD. This card should be able to play all the recent VR games I would think.

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