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Thrown objects do not inherit player body speed in flying game?!

tkdHayktkdHayk Posts: 31 Oculus Start Member
I have a relatively simple question: How can I get the Global velocity of on Oculus touch controller? 

Currently, the GrabEnd() method of the OVRGrabber class contains the following line of code: Vector3 linearVelocity = trackingSpace.orientation * OVRInput.GetLocalControllerVelocity(m_controller);

The above code causes a released objects initial velocity to equal that of the controller, relative to its parent (tracking space). However, in my game,the player flies around, so if the player is flying at a constant speed, and releases a grabbed object, the grabbed object does not inherit the velocity of the player, so it falls straight down despite having been released from a fast moving player. In My Setup, I have a Rigibody Player controller, whose child is OVRCameraRig,  whose child is tracking space, whose child is the LeftHandAnchor of which OVRGrabber is a component.

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