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DeRail Valley Game...please HELP!!!

cmsencmsen Posts: 3
Yesterday I unlocked the key for the secret train, but I dont have the location of the train.
I dont even know what to look for, is it in a yard or in a middle of nowhere?
I suppose that it is at least near track
-I have the key cannont find old bobs garage
anybody in (Iron Ore Mine West)...but i find noting there....can any help  ...thankyou.


  • cmsencmsen Posts: 3
    i found it now in South-Iron Ore Mine only a little Hand-Wagon (Tresine) there....and this for 65`000.-Dollar :s
  • MowTinMowTin Posts: 1,235
    Are you enjoying the game? What your impressions?
  • cmsencmsen Posts: 3
    for mi a good Game......but there is still a lot missing....and old Bob Garage it was a waste of $65,000!!! :'(
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