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Blurry Oculus Fix?

kobaloikobaloi Posts: 1
So I just got an Oculus, first VR gear I've had or used. I noticed that it's a little blurry, such as the watch option to check the time is very hard to read unless I stick it right up to my face. I also noticed that there is a "sweet spot" for it to look okay, and I wiped down the lenses with the provided cloth. However, doing these things it's still blurry. Is there anything else I can do to clear it up, or is it just because of my specs. 

Motherboard: B450M Pro-VDH Micro ATX
CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G 3.5GHZ
GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 1050TI SC 
RAM: 8 GB 2400 DDR4
HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB


  • AlextendedAlextended Posts: 49
    Brain Burst
    edited February 8
    Make sure you are wearing the HMD properly (it shouldn't press on your face too much and leave marks, relax the straps a little and know you can also adjust the angle of the "mask" bit after you have secured the whole thing, I find that I need to pretty much max its upwards angle the way I wear it for example), then make sure you have set the IPD (eye width setting) properly, the setup process should have taken you through that part itself. Maybe you need to adjust it again a little bit, you can select from the settings to have the green crossed lines guide show up again for it. Other than that yeah current VR hardware has quite a low resolution look because of the lenses and how your eyes are so close to the screen you can see all of its flaws as if it's a lower resolution screen that you're sitting further away from. Most games get around the issue by having the text gigantic but it still affects many things negatively, like distant enemies in an FPS or objects in general being barely visible. It sucks but it is what it is, at least you don't need a super beastly PC to power two 4K screens or something to fix the issue. Other more expensive VR sets like the Vive Pro or Samsung Odyseey + have a crisper look but yeah, that pricing (and their own drawbacks on top).
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