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Can't launch Superhot VR in Oculus anymore?

TehLibTehLib Posts: 1
edited February 8 in Support
I just got my Oculus rift about a week ago. Everything has been working good. I had Super Hot VR installed on Steam, and I was able to launch it through Oculus Home while I was in my home. I am not sure what happened, but it stopped launching in home. I can only seem to launch it in by opening it in steam first. While in Oculus Home if I tried to launch it I would just get the circle loading icon and then it would go away. If I load it through Steam and then eventually exit, it would still show it as running in Oculus.

Also when I right click on it in Steam, it only shows "Launch in SteamVR". Theres no Oculus VR option. Shouldn't there be with it being OCULUS SDK supported?

On top of that I removed it from Oculus, and reinstalled it in steam, now it doesn't even show up in Oculus any more.

Any ideas?


  • OnionRingsOnionRings Posts: 1
    Do you have “unknown or unsupported sources” enabled in oculus settings? Sorry can’t remeber the exact term they use.
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