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Displayport to HDMI isn't working

kellehkelleh Posts: 2
I recently bought an oculus rift, which I thought would work out. But then I found out I needed an extra HDMI for it that had to be connected to my graphics card, which I have 3 Display ports and 1 HDMI. The 1 HDMI is connected to my monitor, I don't use the other 3 DP's. So I bought this cable I tried connect the DP to the oculus HDMI, no luck. I tried connecting the HDMI to the monitor, which also didn't work, so I thought it was faulty so I bought another type of cable. That cable came today, and it's the same results as last time. The monitor has no signal when it's connected, but when the actual HDMI port of my computer is connected to it, it works. So I'm confused of why the Display port isn't working for the monitor or the oculus.

People have told me it's my monitor that's my problem, here's my monitor if it helps
Thank you
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