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Delete an Oculus Home Environment

Can anyone tell me how to delete one of my Oculus Homes?
I was messing about with templates and ended up creating 4 homes which is the maximum. Need to delete these test ones so I can create new ones with different templates.  I'm now getting this message when trying to add a new home:
"you already have the maximum number of homes in order to create a new one you will need to delete and existing home first"


  • AccuteDriftAccuteDrift Posts: 4
    I have a similar problem. I had four homes then wanted to update to try out new templates. I try to add a new home and am prompted with message indicating that I need to delete a home, but I don't see where that is possible from within home interface. Input welcome.
  • AccuteDriftAccuteDrift Posts: 4
    I continued looking around the interface and found that if I select a home that I am not already at then I get an an option to select "Delete" when selecting the 3 vertical dots. The delete option only shows if you are not in the Home you want to delete. 
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