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Oculus Menu Shows Too High Up

AlextendedAlextended Posts: 12
edited February 8 in Support
I don't know if it's the latest update that borked this, I just noticed today, maybe it has been so since yesterday after I stopped playing earlier in the day. Whenever I press (and hold, I have it set like that) the menu button the horizontal menu with buttons for settings, library, desktop and so on appears way too high up for it to be convenient, it's like above my eye height unless I hold the button while ducking low then stand up. I have tried rebooting my PC and I have tried shutting it down and also turning off the power for minutes to ensure no current temporary software and hardware state is saved. I have tried setting the sensor height again and it didn't work. I have also tried redoing the whole sensor calibration from scratch and that didn't fix it either. The games work, the rest of the menu elements (like if I do enable the library or the desktop or whatever) seem to show up at the correct height. Additionally other issues show potentially from the same cause. The little wristbands you have in the Home sometimes show up within my palms instead of on the wrists. Other times my hands don't even show even though the pointer beam shows properly and I can grab and use objects still. One time my hands became all shiny rainbow colored. Either way the most persistent problem (100% of the time) is the menu height and after that the hands not showing which happens often. Anyone have any ideas? Should I do the whole set up process again (I really don't wanna have to go through First Contact).
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