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Is my controller bad?

czhowerczhower Posts: 3
edited February 8 in Samsung Gear VR
New Note 9 + Gear VR.

No matter what I cannot complete calibration of controller successfully. I do the figure 8 flying OK, but then when it comes to "set it level for a time", it just stays there.

I have unpaired, repaired, changed batteries.. no change. I have also found in Google that this is a fairly frequent problem with no apparent solution.

Is my only solution to buy another controller? I am not in the US, I can't simply go to a store and do this or return the one I have which is new and came with my Gear VR. I can buy a new one on Amazon for $12 but it will take weeks to arrive here and would prefer not to do this until I can confirm this is necessary and it not just a software glitch.

The controller "works" except that it doesn't stay "straight". It drifts quickly left or right. All buttons, motion, and touch pad work, but the orientation I must recalibrate by holding the home button down for a few seconds - and I have to repeat this about every 10-15 seconds which makes using the controller quite cumbersome.
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