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Is my controller bad?

czhowerczhower Posts: 4
edited February 2019 in Samsung Gear VR
New Note 9 + Gear VR.

No matter what I cannot complete calibration of controller successfully. I do the figure 8 flying OK, but then when it comes to "set it level for a time", it just stays there.

I have unpaired, repaired, changed batteries.. no change. I have also found in Google that this is a fairly frequent problem with no apparent solution.

Is my only solution to buy another controller? I am not in the US, I can't simply go to a store and do this or return the one I have which is new and came with my Gear VR. I can buy a new one on Amazon for $12 but it will take weeks to arrive here and would prefer not to do this until I can confirm this is necessary and it not just a software glitch.

The controller "works" except that it doesn't stay "straight". It drifts quickly left or right. All buttons, motion, and touch pad work, but the orientation I must recalibrate by holding the home button down for a few seconds - and I have to repeat this about every 10-15 seconds which makes using the controller quite cumbersome.


  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Posts: 163
    The GearVR "wand" controller I was moderately underwhelmed with.  It's a cool idea, but needs to be more accurate.  Hopefully Touch is a step up.

    The best GearVR games use a Bluetooth gamepad anyway, but even Bluetooth gamepads seem to lag and lack precision (at least the ones I've tried).  Possibly this effect is magnified by virtue of being in VR.
  • czhowerczhower Posts: 4
    For games yeah.. but I need it primary for Wander, which is basically Google Earth in VR for Gear VR. There are other apps too.

    AFAIK blue tooth controllers only work with games that are designed for it and apps that use the wand must have the wand. Is that correct? or is is there some way to substitute the wand for the controller? Or are there 3P controllers?

    My one month old Note 9 just died out of the blue anyway. Screen turned off while using it and wont turn back on, even after forced reboots.... so guess I'll try to send both back to Samsung but I'm not currently in the US so have to get the phone back to the US somehow as I wont be back for a while.
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