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Bandwidth limiter not working correctly

jbaertjbaert Posts: 5
edited February 8 in Support
I was seeing a lot of dropped TCP connections when I was downloading updates for the Oculus software, and then I remembered I had set the bandwidth limiter on. Imho, a bandwidth limiter should smoothly scale down the bandwidth to the desired value, but it seems like the implementation in the client is just dropping TCP connections halfway through the transfer.

In the graph here, first I had the bandwidth cap at 1 Mbps, resulting in spikes to 2 Mpbs (my uplink's maximum), and then drops, resulting in a download that definitely wasn't half as fast as just letting it uncapped.

As you can see, bandwidth limiter on just caps out my connection anyway, then drops connection.


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,217
    The Oculus bandwidth limiter is terrible.
    I've always used Netlimiter 4 to regulate downloads and keep stats.

    Notice the difference in control between Oculus and Netlimiter in the picture below when set to 64KB/s.
    (Please note that at the moment my internet download speed has been shaped to 128KB/s max. It's a temp thing.)
    The important part is the smooth control that Netlimiter gives. It can be used to set individual download limit on everything that downloads.

    I'm not in any way connected with the makers of Netlimiter, just a big fan for many years.
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