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Custom Key Bindings using VR virtual desktop (or similar app) while working in Photoshop or Zbrush

I've tried a number of the VR desktop apps like Virtual Desktop and Vr Toolbox and  was wondering if there was an application available (or someone who could build it) that had more customizable key bindings for the touch controllers that could be per APP usage. Kind of similar to how the 3D Connection SpaceMouse works. 6 DOF with customizable pie menus on a per an application basis. The difference here would be that you would use it with a VR desktop environment and use the touch controllers.

I would really like to have this available so I could use Zbrush effectively (in conjunction with Medium) with touch controllers by assigning modifier keys to X and Y and perhaps control the rotation with the grip and zoom and pan with the thumbstick and do all my sculpting with my left hand. I realize Zbrush would actually be in VR but for me the interface would be helpful instead of using a Wacom. This same idea could also apply to other programs as well.

Any thoughts?


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,125 Volunteer Moderator
    You may be able to do that with Oculus Auto Touch: can bind touch controls (including things like rotation) to other controls. If ZBrush has exposed controls, it may be possible to send those.

    Thank you so much, kojack! I'll give this a go.
    Wow ! this is really cool. I just tested out a few things modifying a few of the sample scripts like making it where I can move the sculpt with my right hand and draw with my left. Basically, I would like to completely mimic some of Medium navigation except doing things with the hand triggers like pan with the left and rotate the sculpt with the right.

    I am not really programmer (just starting a C++ Udemy course) so it'll take me a while but this has so much potential! (I hadn't even thought of using the Touch capacitive components).

    Thanks again!
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