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Elite Dangerous crash on Startup

ChikinSenseiChikinSensei Posts: 3
When i try to play Elite Dangerous in VR mode, it crash just before the launch intro. I've followed several others way to fix the issue but it seems they are a bit too old.
I use EDProfiler to change the graphics settings
Thanks in advance for your help !


  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 1,457
    Tried without the EDProfiler? Ingame settings is all fine. I use either HMD = 1.25 OR 1.5
  • ChikinSenseiChikinSensei Posts: 3
    MAC_MAN86 said:
    Tried without the EDProfiler? Ingame settings is all fine. I use either HMD = 1.25 OR 1.5
    Yes, it's because the game crashed that i tried with EDProfiler. I tried to set the graphics to RV High because according to an older post, it was fixing the issue but not for me. I tryed with all the RV graphics too
    And for the 3D setting in game, i can't change it to HMD if i launch in desktop mode, even with the oculus connected. That's why i tried with EDProfiler to change the 3D setting. Didn't worked though
  • FrontierSupportFrontierSupport Posts: 98 Oculus Partner
    Hi CMDR!

    We can offer limited support here, but if you make a support ticket on our official website:

    We should be able to give you more detailed support, and hopefully get you playing again properly in no time! Please send us a DxDiag, along with any and all other relevant info. Thank you!

    - CMDR Zenit
  • ChikinSenseiChikinSensei Posts: 3
    So, i manage to make the game work in RV. Don't know how but i'll tell my i did. So i launch the game in desktop mode, set the graphics settings in RV high (they were already in RV High so i put them in something else before). After that, i launched the game in RV mode but i alt+tab during the loading screen, this way i had the focus on the launcher, and the game started the intro scene. Now i'm playing with the game in window mode on the computer and it seems to work. Hope it can help future RV Users !
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