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Oculus App, "Restart Your PC" Issue

zombieking05220zombieking05220 Posts: 3
edited February 9 in Support
So I decided to use my rift today, I hooked up everything and I was ready to hop into some VR. But I had a software update. I decided to wait for it to finish and when I saw that it wasn't getting anywhere I checked the notifications that popped up in my oculus app. One of them said that the system software download stopped and I had to repair the app. So I did repair the app and it downloaded the 5GB download, but when it went to install it stayed on installing for a  solid  5 Minutes, just to be met with an error message stating that I had to restart my PC, So I did. And I did it over and over again. I realized I wasn't getting anywhere so I checked the forums and looked at every single one and every single fix, None of them worked. That's why I made this thread.

Hopefully someone can help me soon, Thanks!


  • zombieking05220zombieking05220 Posts: 3

  • pileopooppileopoop Posts: 1
    I'm having same issue and I'm thinking there is an issue with the directx-june-2010.exe file. Oculus installer tries to launch it, but the file is corrupt or something so the install fails. I can't even run this file on its own. It launches the win32 cabinet self-extractor process and DXSETUP.exe process, but the processes are doing nothing.

    Just a guess, not sure if its correct.

  • zombieking05220zombieking05220 Posts: 3
    Bump, Still need help.
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