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There’s now more Steam users with VR headsets than there are Linux users

ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 13,285 Valuable Player
Bring on the mainstream growth! Consumer VR is making serious headlines and taking the lead on all things VR,

There’s now more Steam users with VR headsets connected to their PCs (0.91%) than there are Linux users running Steam (0.82%), which includes all of Valve’s ‘Steam Machine’ consoles running the company’s Linux-based SteamOS.

January’s data is the fifth continuous month of gains in monthly-connected headsets on Steam, and the new record high on the platform, no doubt driven by the holiday sales season which saw numerous deals across headsets. The record high figure follows a trend of exponential growth in monthly-connected headsets on Steam which Road to VR recently reported. By our estimate, the number of monthly-connected headsets on Steam now stands at some 871,000, an increase of more than 100,000 from the month prior, and a strong step toward the 1 million headset milestone which we expect to see in 2019.
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