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Resume not working correctly on menu

GoldLotusGoldLotus Posts: 4
Hi all,

I need to pass 1 more requirement for my app to be published and it is this:

The app runs and installs without crashing, freezing, or entering extended unresponsive states.
Pressing the Back button on the main menu causes the "Oculus - Exit / Resume" menu to appear. From there, selecting Resume causes the application to restart. This action should not cause the application to close and restart.

My developer can't find a way to rectify this, he uses:

Unity 2018.2.20f1
Oculus Utilities for Unity 1.28.0
Oculus Integration 1.34.0

Developer support team asked to see the android manifest file, could someone tell me what it is in this file which needs to be added / changed in order for the resume feature to work correctly?

Help would really be appreciated!


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