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Monitor Goes Dark and PC Freezes Whenever I Start Oculus

WildRage86WildRage86 Posts: 4
So I've been having an issue for the past two weeks now where whenever I try to use Rift through the Oculus or SteamVR app, the screen will go dark for a second, come back, and then go dark again and nothing happens; it will just freeze up. I can't alt+tab or ctrl+alt+delete out of it. I'll restart my computer several times, trying different methods of what cables to leave plugged in and whatnot until the issue somehow fixes itself, but more than half the time, it doesn't work. I have no idea what's causing this. I'm up to date on all my drivers, especially with nVidia, I've tried repairing Oculus and that didn't work, and today I uninstalled and reinstalled Oculus and that didn't fix the issue either. Anyone else have this issue and know a solution? I've tried searching around on Google but couldn't find anything. 

I'll edit this post later with my PC specs when I get home, but off the top off my head I have an nVidia GTX 1050 ti.


  • WildRage86WildRage86 Posts: 4
    Update: Just tried clean uninstalling and reinstalling nVidia drivers. Didn't work. Seriously, does anyone know of a solution to this? Because at this rate I'm thinking I have to get a new PC and I don't have the cash for that at the moment.

    Windows 10 64-bit
    Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz
    18 GB DDR3 Ram
    nVidia GTX 1050 ti

  • WildRage86WildRage86 Posts: 4
    Okay, so I thought I fixed the issue with uninstalling Elgato sound software and getting a DVI to HDMI converter, but after two to three days, the problem started up again.
  • WildRage86WildRage86 Posts: 4
    FINALLY figured out the damn problem.

    Go to Dash -> Settings -> Experiments -> turn off Virtual Desktop Panel Pullout.
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