Recommended gfx card to use with Quill? — Oculus
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Recommended gfx card to use with Quill?

mawlteamawltea Posts: 8
Hi there! I just discovered Quill and Medium today, and I'm completely blown away! I'm not interested in the gaming part of Oculus Rift at all, really, but I want to sculpt and animate stuff in it. I have a AMD Radeon HD6700 graphics card currently - will that work with Quill and Medium, or should I update? If so, can someone recommend me an affordable gfx card (I have a stationary PC) to use with Quill and Medium (I have a AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-core processor, if that matters)? I've seen some recommendations, but most are in the $300+ category, and I'd like to keep it cheaper, if that's possible (seeing as the Oculus itself will set me back quite a bit - and I'm just an amateur, really). 

Anyways - love reading and checking out what you're all doing! This stuff is so exciting. Any suggestions much appreciated! :) 
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