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Keep getting "Unable to use Gear VR" on Galaxy S7

erik.zimmerman.5209erik.zimmerman.5209 Posts: 4
edited February 15 in Samsung Gear VR
Just bought a Samsung Gear (323 model) and it worked great right away for a few hours then started getting an error "unable to use gear vr". 
Uninstalling/installing again seems to work for a day or so and then I get the same thing again it seems after an update.

Is there a fix for this, uninstalling/installing is tedious.  I can't seem to find anything better than that searching the interwebs.


  • erik.zimmerman.5209erik.zimmerman.5209 Posts: 4
    Now I've uninstalled it and it won't even prompt download/install it again.....hope I didn't waste my money on this seems crazy its so flaky when the products been out for a while.
  • erik.zimmerman.5209erik.zimmerman.5209 Posts: 4
    edited February 18
    Hopefully this helps someone else, after several hours of screwing around with this figured out the connector on the headset appears to come slightly loose each time the phone is docked/undocked.  Snapping it back in place each time before hasn't failed since.
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