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One gmail e-mail but two YouTube accounts

jlamarcajlamarca Posts: 1
I just got a new Oculus Go and can't connect to my YouTube account. The problem is that there are two YouTube accounts (my original one and a newer one that's attached to my gmail account) but Oculus ONLY recognizes the newer one, which has nothing on it. How do I get it to recognize the original YouTube account? Both are attached to the same e-mail account.



  • wolf3rwolf3r Posts: 1
    Same problem, google created cretinous second account under my real name on the youtube account i was using and now in Oculus Quest Youtube app i can't switch to my "main" account, only the dummy account i am not using.
    Deleting the account from google did absolutely nothing, it's till there, taunting me.

    Bumping this thread.
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 2,262
    YouTube are inferior to people. It is not fair to people. It is not friendly to people. Just feck it off ;)
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,414 Volunteer Moderator
    I've got two youtube accounts on one gmail. But the login "email" used for both is technically different, even though in the youtube settings popup menu they both say the same email.

    (Emails not my real ones, just examples)
    One account is using [email protected]   (as I said, fake. I have no idea who has that email)
    The other (my primary account) is [email protected] That one was created from my [email protected] google plus account. But in youtube it shows as "[email protected]".

    When doing a login for the youtubevr app, it will show you your youtube accounts, but mine didn't list my kojack-1234 version. I had to click the option to manually enter an account name and I used that longer email.
    If you go into the account management part of youtube and go to personal info, it will say the email used for logging in.

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