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Oculus go wont turn on.

CreedCookieCreedCookie Posts: 2
I'm trying to turn my oculus go and the loading symbol when you power it on comes up for a few seconds and then shuts off, and I have been charging it for a while. Maybe some has experienced this and has some advice. Thanks.


  • CreedCookieCreedCookie Posts: 2
  • ArnookieArnookie Posts: 7
    Try holding power button for 60 seconds if that does not work factory reset the headset. 😉
  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 344 Oculus Staff

    Hey CreedCookie, please try removing the facial interface and the eyeglass spacer. Sometimes, an incorrectly installed facial interface can prevent the Go from powering on correctly. Please create a support ticket at if you need more help. Thanks! -Rick

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