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The Lock Stock Cup Mod for Oculus Rift Touch Controllers

SandcrackaSandcracka Posts: 89
Hiro Protagonist

Hey everyone I bought The Lock Stock - Virtual Reality Gun Stock for the Oculus Rift. The gun stock is also available for HTC Vive but this mod tutorial is for Oculus Rift owners. I really like the added stability and realism, but the touch controllers kept slipping out of the cups very easily. My first time in game the left controller slipped out of the cup within minutes. So I started to think of a way to keep the controllers in the cups without using glue or tape or anything that would make a mess of the controllers. When I was finished, the controllers were locked into place and everything just felt rock solid. Controllers don't budge an inch. I can't express how much I like using this thing now. Much better experience! On to the mod:

Tools Used:


7/64" drill bit

3/16" Nut Driver

3/8" Nut Driver

#2 Phillips Head Screw Driver

Knife with a sharp point or needle


2-56 Socket Head Cap Screw Qty 2

2-56 Washer Qty 2

2-56 Nut Qty 2

1/4 inch Washer Qty 2 (The washer I used actually has a 2 1/4 inch OD but this one may work)

XBox Joystick Grip Covers Qty 2

10-24 Stainless Steel Screw 1/2 inch Qty 2

10-24 Stainless Steel Nut Qty 4

10-24 Stainless Steel Washer Qty 2


Step 1 - Remove the battery cover on the touch controller.

Step 2 - Remove the wrist strap.

Step 3 - Put the 2-56 washer on the 2-56 screw and insert the screw head and washer into the opening where the wrist strap stopper used to be. Gently rock the screw up and down as you exert pressure downward until the screw is resting at the bottom. Once fully seated, pull on the screw until the washer is resting on the plastic housing.

Step 4 - Replace the battery cover.

Step 5 - Insert the controller into the cup. Be careful not to push the screw in as you insert the controller. Gently wiggle the controller as you exert force until it feels fully seated. The screw should be sticking out the bottom of the cup at an angle.

Step 6 - Using a knife or a needle, poke a hole in the joystick grip cover. The hole should be fairly close to one edge.

Step 7 - Gently slide the end of the screw through the hole, keeping the "grippy" side of the cover towards the bottom of the controller. Then push the cover into the cavity on the bottom of the cup. This should help keep the screw from rocking side to side.

Step 8 - Drill a hole into the washer approximately half the distance between the inside and outside diameter edges.

Step 9 - Screw one 10-24 nut all the way to the head of the screw then put the 10-24 washer on. Insert the screw through the large washer and use the other nut on the back of the washer. Press the screw as far away from the drilled hole as possible while tightening.

Step 10 - Carefully place the washer assembly over the 2-56 screw. Tighten the 2-56 nut onto the screw. Be careful not to over tighten.

Step 11 - Repeat steps 1-10 for the other controller. Now your controllers should be securely locked into position.
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