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Distorted sound on everything

ken.hutchken.hutch Posts: 1
On average, one out of every three times I turn on my Oculus Go, the Oculus melody at the start sounds fine, then everything, even navigating the main menus in my environment, the sound is completely distorted and cracked.  It is unusable.  I restart the Oculus and its fine.  What is going on?  I have two Gos and this only happens on one of them...is it defective or something?  I got it during Christmas, and it has always done this.  I bought a second one so my wife and I could play together and the second one never does this.  Not sure what to do.  It has never done it again after restarting it...but after a few times of playing it does it again.  It does not seem to matter if its in a powered down state or a standby state either.  I pick it up to play, the sound is broken, I have to restart it.  Its getting very annoying.  Is this happening to anyone else and what can I do about this?  If there is a fix, I will fix it, but otherwise how do I return this thing and get another one?


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 890
    edited February 24
    Contact Oculus Support and start a ticket (google Oculus Support).  Sounds (no pun intended) that you are going to need a replacement.  Good luck.
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