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Abnormal Distorted blocks in Beat Saber and issues in other games

Orany123Orany123 Posts: 3
Beat Saber and pretty much all of my other oculus games are having graphical difficulties. I pretty much get this wave/ distorted effect in beat saber that is really noticeable when playing. Other games, like robo recall and arizona sunshine seem to have slight frame drops when shooting guns. Nonetheless, these distorted blocks are really annoying when playing a song and I was just wondering if anyone has had this issue in the past and resolved it or if there would be any useful feedback; anything would be much appreciated. 

Things I have tried: 
Reinstalled Beat Saber, Oculus and Windows 10. 
Rolled back drivers and uninstalled using DDU. 
Replaced every hardware component in my computer except my hard drives/ sdd. 
Replaced Oculus Rift itself three times (returned)

My Specs:
Gtx 1070 ti
i7 - 6700k
12 gb corsair vengeance ram
750w corsair psu
Gigabyte gab250m ds3h

Side Note: When running any oculus game/ app my gpu usage is abnormally low - around 20-30 percent and same with cpu - around 50-60 percent. All other regular games seem fine with gpu usage almost always maxing out at 99/100 percent. 

Youtube video of my issue (kinda hard to tell but a lot more easily seen IRL):


  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,990 Volunteer Moderator
    It might be ASW (Async Space Warp) kicking in. When that happens, every second frame is generated by distorting the previous frame, which reduces gpu load but causes what could match your description of a wave.

    ASW will activate whenever your game can't hit 90fps. It drops the game to 45fps and fills in the gaps to give 90fps total. You can force ASW off by pressing Control - Numpad 1, or turn it back on with Control - Numpad 4.

  • Orany123Orany123 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the feedback but it boggles my mind how my setup would not be able to hold 90 fps. I'll force ASW off and see if it changes anything  
  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,990 Volunteer Moderator
    True, hardware wise it should be fine (certainly in beat saber, although my 16 core threadripper and geforce 1080 would drop into ASW for Elite Dangerous).
    But maybe there's a driver problem or background program or something (are you running the tray tool with pixel density cranked up?) that is making it hit just below 90.

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