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My Oculus Go takes forever to update; stuck there and I don't see the desktop

bluebird1373bluebird1373 Posts: 1

I live in China. I just received this Oculus Go 64GB product, the US version (not the domestic Xiaomi one). I am connected with a powerful router (Asus AC66U B1), on which I've set up high speed VPN (using the ShadowsocksR technology, not the traditional VPN which is slow and inefficient). To prove how fast it is, I am now streaming a 4K video at Youtube (3840x2160)smoothly. Of course I will shut it down to save bandwidth. The broadband is a dedicated special line of 30 Mbps from ChinaTelcomm. I am sure the internet environment is flawless.

Now, I've successfully matched up my iPhone 6S Plus (128GB) with Oculus Go, and in the Oculus App on the phone, I've successfully connected the Go device to the router. The controller is also connected. Everything went well except for the final screen on the Go device --

All in Chinese, which translates:

Wifi connected. Please continue in the Oculus App (this line of characters are in big font)

Your VR device is updating. Please remove it and continue in the Oculus App on your phone following its instruction. (This line of characters is in smaller font).

To the right of these two lines of Chinese characters is a picture of a woman wearing the Go device and looking at her phone.

Everything else on the wide-angle screen on the Go device is black.

At the end of this message, I noticed that two hours had passed but the Oculus Go device still gives me the same screen. It does not seem to be a connection issue as I am connected with all blocked sites (fast). So what might be the issue? Has anyone in this forum ever encountered the same issue, or if anyone in China uses this device without any problems?

Thank you so much. 


Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 


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